Haris Turkmanović, electrical and computer engineer

teaching associate
The Department of Electronics
Title electrical and computer engineer
Scientific Area Electronics
Promotion Date February 01, 2019



Papers from international conferences

Using assembly language for creating games

H. Turkmanović, D. Vukoje, A. Lekić, M. Prokin, Using assembly language for creating games, 5th International Conference on Electrical, Electronic and Computing Engineering (IcETRAN) 2018, pp. ELI1.6 842 - ELI1.6 846, Palić, Serbia, Jun, 2018

Authors Haris Turkmanović, David Vukoje, Aleksandra Lekić, and Milan Prokin
Year 2018
ISSN/ISBN 978‐86‐7466‐752-1
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