CSstimathon by JaneStreet

In teams, you'll attempt 13 problems in 30 minutes, challenging your trivial knowledge of computers, Belgrade, or anything at all. Be prepared to come up with the best set of confidence intervals! They are called Fermi problems, such as: How many co...


PSSOH Conference

We invite you to attend the second PSSOH conference on Free software and open hardware applications organized by the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. Conference encompasses one-day long invited lectures on October 26, 2019 and ...


Google @ETF - Writing skills for clean code

Interested in learning more about Google? Come hear it from a Googler!    On October 18th Google will be hosting a tech talk on campus for you to learn more about Google and the opportunities we offer to students. We hope to meet you there.   ...


Graded logic and its applications

Graded logic is a seamless soft computing generalization of classical Boolean logic. The main aggregator in graded logic is called GCD (graded conjunction/disjunction). GCD systematically covers all regions of the unit hypercube, providing a parameteri...

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The School of Electrical Engineering is a top educational and scientific institution in the field of electrical engineering and computer science.

There are four study programmes - two BA programmes, one MS programme, and one PhD programme. More than 1,000 students enrol in these programmes every year.


We aim to provide students with high-quality education in the field of electrical engineering and computer science, while encouraging their creativity, responsibility, research interest and team work. We aim to provide companies with outstanding engineers who will be able to enhance companies' productivity, innovation and market competitiveness both in Serbia and world wide. We aim to make continuous contribution to technological development, informatization and overall development of our country.


Our vision is to be the leading higher education institutions in the field of electrical engineering and computer scinece in Southeast Europe, committed to meeting the highest standards in pedagogy, research and applied science.