The number of spots, tuition fees andthe number of scholarships are set every year by the School Council and Serbia's Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

Applicants are ranked according to their entrance exam results (for Bachelor studies) and previous academic achievement - grades (for all study programmes). Depending on their ranking, students either have their studies funded by a full state scholarship or they pay tuition fees.

All candidates are required to pay an application fee when submitting their applications.

Tuition fees for 2022/2023

Study programme Serbian citizens (RSD) Foreign citizens (EUR) Studyprogrammes in English (EUR)
Bachelor studies: Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering 108.000 2.000€  
Bachelor Studies: Software Engineering 243.500 3.000€  
Master studies:Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering 147.000 2.500€ 9.000€
Doctoral studies: Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering 259.200 4.000€ 10.000€


Application fees

Application type


Application for Bachelor studies


Application for Master studies


Application for Doctoral studies


Tuition fees include:

1. all forms of lessons as planned by the study program (lectures, practical lessons, consultations);

2. all pre-exam tasks as planned by the study program (lab exercises, colloquia, tests, practicums, seminars, homework, projects, etc.);

3. three registrations for exams;

4. registration, writing, and public defence of the ginal paper on all levels of studies, which includes mentorship and expert support;

5. research work on doctoral studies, mentorship, and exprert support;

6.  library services;

7. enrollment administration costs;

8. administration costs of issuing writen confirmation of the student status;

9. general maintenance costs: power, heating, cleaning, communications, costs of running student organizations and competitions, and other expenses not fully covered by the Republic of Serbia;.

10. regular maintenance of electronic equipment, software, and facilities (the internet, computer labs, plagiarism detection software, etc.) necessary to run academic courses; 

11. purchace of textbooks, scientific and expert literature and journals for the library, which are used as literature for exams, papers, and research, as well as access rights to electronic databases;

12. investment and maintenance not fully covered by public funding;

13. costs of accreditation of study programs which are not covered by public funding;

14. science, research, and expert work aimed at improving the quality of studies;

15. part of expenses of activities of Belgrade Univeristy (international cooperation, information system, issuing of diplomas, etc.);

16. expenses of the school's administration;

17. any other expenses required for running academic courses.

Tuition fees do not include a certain number of administration costs. Administration fees are determined by the University of Belgrade.


Administration fees

Document type RSD
Certificate of completed exams 600
Study programme certificate 3.200
Diploma and diploma supplement, including the graduation certificate and the list of completed courses for bachelor and master studies 7.000
Diploma, diploma supplement, promotion, including the graduation certificate and the list of completed courses for doctoral studies 20.000
Copy of student booklet 4.000
Copy of diploma and diploma supplement for bachelor and master studies 7.000
Copy of diploma and diploma supplement for doctoral studies 10.000
School withdrawal 4.000
Certificates issued at the special request of the student 1.500
Exam application fee for exams for which the student has applied more than three times (per exam); this does not apply to doctoral studies 2.000
Re-taking a completed exam 1 2.000
Exam or colloquium application after the deadline (per exam) 2 3.000
Subject application after the deadline (per subject) 3 3.000
Changing subjects after the deadline (per subject) 4 5.000
Additional lab exercise opportunity after the deadline 5 1.500
Change of topic/mentor for the final paper 6 5.000
Master thesis topic registration after the deadline 5.000
Submission of master thesis after the deadline 10.000
Enrollment in the academic year after the deadline 10.000
  1. Only possible in the current school year
  2. Only possible before the exam/colloquium term starts
  3. Only with vice-dean's approval
  4. Only with vice-dean's approval
  5. Only possible with lab exercise supervisor's permission
  6. Only possible with the committee's supervision

If the vice dean for education approves, a student can be exempt from paying a part of these administration fees.


Verification of issued documents

Verification of documents (Diploma/Certificate) issued at the University of Belgrade - School of Electrical Engineering is a procedure which grants the document holder the right that the document is authentic.

The following documents should be submitted (by e-mail):

1. Request form;

2. Copy of the Diploma/Certificate in Serbian language (not the translation);

3. Confirmation of payment of 50 $ or 50 € if the payment has been made from abroad according to the enclosed bank details;

At the request of a foreign institution in USD

50 $

Payment instructions

At the request of a foreign institution in EUR

50 €

Payment instructions

4. Authorization statement for the purposes of the University of Belgrade - School od Electrical Engineering degree verification with the signature of the candidate.

For all further questions, please contact: