Doctoral studies

Duration and structure of studies

The PhD study programme carries 180 ECTS credits. In the first two years of study students take courses, whereas in the third year they do their research and prepare they doctoral dissertation.

year activities ECTS
1. three courses from the chosen module 3x9=27
1. two courses from any other module 2x9=18
1. research work related to the topic of the final thesis 15
2. two corses from the chosen module 2x9=18
2. two courses from any other module 2x9=18
2. one course from the general education module 6
2. a scientific paper 3
2. research work related to the topic of the final thesis 15
3. Studijski istraživački rad u vezi doktorske teze 60

Study modules

PhD thesis

A doctoral dissertation should result from the candidate's original research work and it should be a valid contribution to the scintific field. The dissertation can be written either in Serbian or English. The candidate's work should be verified by academic public, which is why candidates are required to have their research published in ISI-indexed journals. 

Academic title

Upon successfully defending their PhD theis, the candidate earns a Doctoral diploma signed by the dean and the rector of Belgrade Univeristy. The graduation ceremony takes place at Belgrade University Headquarters. 

Enrollment criteria

An eligible candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • hold a Master's degree (300 ECTS credits)
  • have the minimum average grade 8 (out of 10) in previous studies
  • ability to work in at least one foreign language