Processor Tools Engineer in VIED department of Intel Corporation in the Belgrade

We are pleased to announce an open position of Processor Tools Engineer in VIED department of Intel Corporation in the Belgrade.

Job Description:

Processor Tools Engineer is responsible for the technical direction of a project. Makes high level design choices for the software structure, frameworks, protocols, and algorithms. Determines coding practices, development tools, and validation requirements. Performs path finding and surveys technologies. Interacts with multiple technologists in the company and within the industry as well as between developers and project managers to evaluate feasibility of requirements and determine priorities for development.

In this particular position, the processor tools engineer designs, develops and maintains domainspecific tools and flows for building and programming heterogeneous multi-core image and video processing architectures.


Within the ICG tools team, you are responsible for the design of domain-specific languages both for hardware description and firmware development. Handling these languages, you will develop tools and for constructing extremely high-performance multi-core media processing systems. In addition, the ICG tools team develops the compilers which are used to map domain-specific programming languages onto parallel architectures. Lastly, the team is also responsible for design, definition and implementation of run-time libraries, simulation tools, and debug tools for these parallel architectures.

You will be in a position to work, in any one of these exciting domains, with Intel hardware and firmware designers worldwide. As a team, we build the tools that will ensure timely development of the next generations of complex media processing architectures, by gathering feedback and building new and innovative tools and flows.

Education and Required Skills:

  • M.Sc. or PhD degree in Computer Science or related field
  • Proven experience with C, C++, scripting, makefiles
  • Excellent problem analysis and software engineering skills
  • A good understanding of VLIW architecture and SoC architectures
  • Proven experience with:
    • Domain-specific programming language and compiler development and/or;
    • Transaction-level simulator tool development and/or
    • Hardware Description Languages and/or;
    • High-level EDA tool development and/or;
    • VLSI methodology and hardware verification.
  • Good communication skills in English (both oral and written form)

Please send CV to dragomirx.el.mezeni@intel.com