PhD Position: Wireless Power Transfer and Bioelectromagnetism (IETR, Rennes, France)



The widespread proliferation of rechargeable mobile devices as mp3 players, smart phones, tablets, etc. in our daily life is showing the limitations of electric wires, chargers, and fixed plugs for power distribution. Wireless power transfer (WPT) systems are considered as extremely effective and smart systems for power distribution. The interest to WPT systems is increasing hugely at both academic and industrial levels. The social impact will be important since WPT systems are seen as the last frontier for the complete mobility of people. Besides, potential interference of radiation emitted by WPT systems with humans located in proximity represents a major concern and should be carefully investigated.


This post-doctoral research project will be focused on the numerical and experimental characterization of exposures induced in the human body by emerging WPT systems.


The Post-Doctoral Researcher will work at the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes (IETR, www.ietr.fr). This is a collaborative project between Bioelectromagnetics and WPT research teams of the Antennas & Microwaves Department. These two teams will combine their complementary expertise in bioelectromagnetics, WPT design, numerical modeling, and HF measurements to assess the biocompatibility of emerging WPT systems.

Job description

The proposed research project will mainly consist in the following tasks:

  • Numerical modeling of a representative WPT system in presence of human body models, analysis of induced exposure levels and possible perturbation of the WPT performances.
  • Design and optimization of a WPT system and its experimental validation, definition and fabrication of an experimental human body phantom, and measurements of the EM field and temperature inside the phantom.
  • Exploration of possible ways of reducing the coupling between the WPT systems and human body.
  • Exploration of possible biomedical applications using near-field power focusing.


  • Required education level: PhD or equivalent degree.
  • Required background: electromagnetics, HF measurements and dosimetry, numerical modeling, WPT, bioelectromagnetics. Knowledge of French is not requested, but will >be highly appreciated.


To apply please send your motivation letter, CV, and recommendation letters (optional) to:

  • Dr. Maxim ZHADOBOV Dr. Mauro ETTORRE Prof. Ronan SAULEAU
  • Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes (IETR), University of Rennes 1, France
  • Email : maxim.zhadobov@univ-rennes1.fr mauro.ettorre@univ-rennes1.fr ronan.sauleau@univ-rennes1.fr