How Can Research Optimize Advertising World?

Време03. април 2012. 16:07
ПредавачDr Ana Radovanović, Google
МестоРачунски центар Електротехничког факултета, сала на спрату


Display advertising is a fast-growing, multi-billion business, which provides a premium way of advertising online. This is much more than ads in Web browsers. People are watching video, reading newspapers, magazines, books and listening to digital music at an ever-increasing rate. They are turning to new devices like smartphones, tablets, e-readers and video game consoles. Display advertising has a significant advantage over advertising in magazines, newspapers and TVs: (i) it provides targeting options such as demographic and behavioral targeting to laser on a specific audience, (ii) one can track the performance of the advertising campaign daily to measure metrics such as impressions, clicks and conversions.

I will present research contributions that significantly impacted the engineering and business world of Display advertising. More specifically, I will layout the key problems that needed to be solved, an intuitive overview of the solution approaches that we used, as well as the real-world impact.

Joint work with Corinna Cortes, William Heavlin, Assaf Zeevi and Google engineering teams.


Ana Radovanovic graduated from University of Belgrade, Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1999. Then, she got accepted to the graduate program in Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, New York. Upon receiving her PhD in 2004, she joined IBM T.J. Watson Research Labs as a Research Staff Member. In 2008, she joined Google Research, where she has been involved in various research projects in the areas of scheduling, online advertising, traffic modeling.