Wireless Technology Evolution

Време25. март 2009. 15:10
ПредавачJavan Erfanian, Distinguished Lecturer, IEEE COM Society
Местосала 62


This talk will discuss wireless technology evolution in all layers, outlining mobile services, core IP network evolution, radio access technologies of 3G and 4G, spectrum requirements and alignment, and user terminals. In this context, the lecture also covers standards, technology timelines and global industry activities. The trends of the next 5-10 years, and the emerging and future technology paradigms and innovations to serve the increasingly mobile society are discussed. Within this context, the user requirements, the need for greater experience and also efficiency, and key areas of research are outlined.


Javan Erfanian has about twenty years of experience in telecommunications research and industry, with many publications and citations. He studied at Calgary and Toronto universities in Canada. He has been a lecturer at University of Toronto, has given many seminars around the world, and has organized international conferences. Javan has been active at IEEE Communications Society for many years, acting in such roles as Chapter Chair, Canadian Correspondent, author and editor of wireless technology book of knowledge, distinguished lecturer, WCET industry advisory board, and a recipient of several international awards. In his wireless industry role, Javan formulates strategic direction, while working with the global community on standards, research and vision of the future.