Летња школа Senzations 2013

8th Summer School on Applications of IoT and Wireless Sensor Networks senZations'13

September 2 - September 6, 2013, Palic lake, Serbia


Design and deploy your own IoT solutions in the beautiful environment of Palic Lake, run experiments on the SmartSantander framework and learn how to use WSN in environments like Donana natural reserve!

Learn about the latest achievements in the field of IoT from the experts coming from the EU FP7 projects SmartSantander, Planet, IoT6 and SocIoTal!

Join us, have fun, meet peers and experienced researchers, expand your network of contacts.


The summer school will last for 5 days and will feature a number of different activities:

Lectures: Each day will feature lectures with subsequent discussions around important IoT and WSN research themes and technology areas:

  • IoT architecture: an overview of the proposals and approaches towards defining an overall architectural framework for IoT
  • SmartSantander - how to run experiments on a large-scale IoT testbed or build your own testbed instance
  • Semantic sensor networks and Linked Open Data
  • Deployment, operation and maintenance of large-scale/complex systems of heterogeneous networked cooperating objects, including wireless sensor and actuator networks and mobile objects
  • Smart cities and intelligent buildings
  • Social impacts of IoT, role and potential of IPv6 in IoT
  • Latest standards developments in IETF and ETSI, FI-PPP and IERC.

Lecturers include (to be confirmed): Zach Shelby (Sensinode), Alex Gluhak (Uni of Surrey), Konrad Wrona (NCI Agency), Rob van Kronenburg (IoT Council), Payam Barnaghi (Uni of Surrey), Stefan fischer (Uni of Luebeck), Michele Nati (Uni of Surrey), Pedro Maron (Uni of Duisburg-Essen), Gianluca Dini (Uni of Pisa), Jose Ramiro Martinez de Dios (Uni of Seville), Sebastien Ziegler (Mandate International), Srdjan Krco (Ericsson).

Hands-on project: Work in a team in order to design and deploy run experiments on the SmartSantander framework or even run your own real IoT solutions around the Palic lake.

Participants Workshop: All participants will have an opportunity to exercise their presentation skills and to get constructive feedback while presenting their own work and/or the results of the team projects.

Social activities: A half-day excursion, a dinner party as well as other interesting social activities will be also organized.


Participation is open to all qualified applicants, but the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 40. Please register early. To apply, please fill in the form available at www.senzations.net


Early registration deadline: June 20, 2013

Program Committee:

Srdjan Krco, Ericsson and University of Belgrade

Konrad Wrona, NCI Agency

Alexander Gluhak, University of Surrey

DK Arvind, University of Edinburgh