Power converters and drives

Head of the module: Dr Milan Bebić, associate professor

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Code Core Subjects - Group A Number of Lessons + Self-study ECTS Credits
19D011OTM Theory of Electrical Machines 2.5+1.5 9
19D011PPM Transient Phenomena in Electrical Machines 2.5+1.5 9
19D011IEM Testing and Maintenance of Electrical Machines 2.5+1.5 9
19D011NSE Condition Monitoring of Electrical Machines 2.5+1.5 9
19D011ESM Electric Servomotors 2.5+1.5 9
19D011ITP Testing of Power Transformers and Reactors On-site 2.5+1.5 9
19D011EP Power Converters 2.5+1.5 9
19D011UEP Power Converter Control Circuits 2.5+1.5 9
19D011OPE Selected Topics in Electrical Drives 2.5+1.5 9
19D011VEP Multimotor Electrical Drives 2.5+1.5 9
19D011IEP Integration of electrical drives in complex systems of driving and control 2.5+1.5 9
19D011EEF Electrical drive as a efficient and high quality electrical energy consumer 2.5+1.5 9
19D011MUE Digital Control of Power Converters and Drives 2.5+1.5 9
19D011MUP Digital Motion Control 2.5+1.5 9
19D011MME Mathematical Modeling in Electrical Heating 2.5+1.5 9
19D011OPS Selected Topics in Special Electrical Installations 2.5+1.5 9
19D011SPE Special Topics in the Field of Lighting 2.5+1.5 9
19D011PEB Positive Effects of the Use of Bentonite in Grounding Systems 2.5+1.5 9