Participation of ETF in the oldest conference ETRAN

In the period from June 5th to 8th, 2023, at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of East Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the 67th ETRAN national conference and the 10th international IcETRAN conference took place. The conference returned to Sarajevo after 35 years. This year's conference was supported by IEEE Serbia and Montenegro Section and IEEE Bosnia and Herzegovina Section. Our Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade is also an active participant in these conferences every year.

This year's ETRAN and IcETRAN conferences showed an increased interest of young researchers, who in direct contact exchanged experiences and discussed the results and latest research achievements in the field of electrical engineering and computing.

The prizes for the best papers of young authors in eight sections were awarded to students of master's academic studies and doctoral academic studies of the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade:

  • The best paper of a young author of the "IcETRAN" conference, Antennas and Propagation section:

Branislav Ninković, Miodrag Tasić - "Application of Point-in-Domain Algorithms in Near Field Calculations for Geometries with Bilinear Surface Patches"

  • The best paper of a young author of the "IcETRAN" conference, Automation section:

Natalija Đorđević, Nenad Džamić, Željko Đurović - "Surface Crack Detection Using Image Processing and Support Vector Machine"

  • The best paper of a young author of the "IcETRAN" conference, Biomedical Engineering section:

Tanja Boljanić, Jovana Malešević, Sanja Vujnović, Milica Janković - "Comparison of Time Domain Methods for Alignment of RR Signals Acquired by Different Sensor Systems"

  • The best paper of the young author of the "IcETRAN" conference, section Electric circuits, electrical systems and signal processing:

Filip Nešković, Nikola Basta, Milka Potrebić Ivaniš - "ADALM-PLUTO Software Defined Radio as a Tool for S-Parameter Estimation: A Comparative Study of Various System Identification Procedures"

  • The best paper of a young author of the "IcETRAN" conference, Robotics section:

Emilija Stanković, Jelena Kljajić, Jovan Šumarac, Marija Radmilović - "Human Motion Behavior Evaluation: The Possibility of Improving Human-Robot Collaboration"

  • The best paper of a young author of the "IcETRAN" conference, Telecommunications section:

Branislava Živković, Zoran Čiča - "Network Traffic Capturing in Open-Source 5G Core Network Platform"

  • The best paper of a young author of the "ETRAN" conference, section Acoustics:

Marija Ratković, Matija Marijan, Tatjana Miljković, Miloš Bjelić - "Method for music signal segmentation based on self-similarity matrix"

  • The best paper of a young author of the "ETRAN" conference, section Computer and Information Engineering:

Lazar Smiljković, Marko Mišić, Pavle Vuletić, Slavko Gajin - "Software tool for analysis of source data on communication activities in computer networks"

Among this year's winners of awards for the best papers were a large number of co-authors from the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, and the following manuscripts were awarded:

  • The best paper at the Telecommunications section of the "IcETRAN" conference:

Jovan Milojković, Predrag Ivaniš, Vesna Blagojević, Srđan Brkić - "Performance Analysis of Land Mobile Satellite-Terrestrial Systems with Selection Relaying"

  • The best paper at the Acoustics section of the "ETRAN" conference:

Miomir Mijić, Miodrag Stanojević - "Analysis of ambient noise in apartments"

  • The best paper at the Electronics section of the "ETRAN" conference:

Nenad Jovičić, Nemanja Janković - "Current sensor as an indirect measurer of the activity of the working tool in the production process"

  • The best paper at the Computer and Information Engineering section of the "ETRAN" conference:

Jovana Kitanović, Dražen Drašković, Maja Vukasović, Sanja Delčev - "Development of tools for checking and correcting text based on graphs and search trees"

The next 58th ETRAN conference and 11th international conference "IcETRAN" will be held in June 2024 at the Faculty of Electronics of the University of Niš.

We congratulate all our young researchers, students of master's and doctoral studies, and professors and associates on the awards for the best papers.


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