OT4OE - Fundamentals of Economics

Course specification
Course title Fundamentals of Economics
Acronym OT4OE
Study programme Electrical Engineering and Computing
Module Telecommunications and Information Technologies
Type of study bachelor academic studies
Lecturer (for classes)
Lecturer/Associate (for practice)
Lecturer/Associate (for OTC)
ESPB 6.0 Status elective
The goal Basic knowledge about micro economy, monetary economy, economy politics and international economy. Making student able to analyze problems from these areas and suggest solutions.
The outcome Students get basic knowledge from economy. They can apply their gathered knowledge in practice and work as a team and to prepare and present special projects. They are also able to analyze the market structure in which some company is making business.
Contents of lectures Theory course: Ten principles of economy, basic of economy category, manufacturing and reproducing, capital market, work market, company business, economy politic, globalization, transitioning.
Contents of exercises Practical course: Analyze of the examples from practice, case studies.
  1. Popovčić - Avrić Snežana:Osnovi ekonomije, ETF, Beograd,2004 (Original title)
  2. Mankiw, N.G.:Principles of Economics, Harvard University, Fourth edition, 2004 (Original title)
  3. Krugman,P.R., Obstfeld, M.: International Economics,Pearson Editions, Seventh Edition,2006 (Original title)
Number of hours per week during the semester/trimester/year
Lectures Exercises OTC Study and Research Other classes
3 1 1
Methods of teaching Lectures, presentation, case studies, discussions
Knowledge score (maximum points 100)
Pre obligations Points Final exam Points
Activites during lectures 5 Test paper 60
Practical lessons 0 Oral examination 0
Projects 10
Colloquia 25
Seminars 0