19M014VMP - Controlled Multi-Motor Drives

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Course title Controlled Multi-Motor Drives
Acronym 19M014VMP
Study programme Electrical Engineering and Computing
Type of study master academic studies
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    ESPB 6.0 Status elective
    Condition Knowledge gained on courses that form the core of Power engineering department, Power converter and drives and Power systems at School of Electrical Engineering. Electrical drives.
    The goal Students are introduced with solutions for driving of processes and systems with controlled multi-motor drive, analysis, integration of necessary equipment, selection of structure and parameters of the control system.
    The outcome Students capable of application, control and design of controlled multimotor drives Students capable for independent: • Analysis of operation of controlled multimotor drive in stationary and transient regimes • Modeling of mechanical couplings in multimotor drives • Design of control algorithms for multimotor drives
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    Contents of lectures Introduction. Definitions. Functional, technological and mechanical coupling of multimotor drives (MD). Function and application. Power supply structure and load sharing. Control structures of MD. Generation of references. Control, coordinated operation of drives, load distribution. Modeling and simulation. Application in analysis, synthesis and supervision of multimotor drives.
    Contents of exercises Multimotor drives (MD) with DC and induction motors. Control, load distribution, load sharing. Examples with analyses. Application of vector control and direct torque control in MD, possible advantages. Use of simulation models in analyses, synthesis and supervision of drives. Use of modern software tools for supervision and tuning of MD.
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    2. Multi-motor drives - Script in electronic format available to students on the website
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    Methods of teaching Lectures, Auditory exercises
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