13E064ON - Optoelectronic Devices

Course specification
Course title Optoelectronic Devices
Acronym 13E064ON
Study programme Electrical Engineering and Computing
Module Physical Electronics - Nanoelectronics and Photonics
Type of study bachelor academic studies
Lecturer (for classes)
Lecturer/Associate (for practice)
Lecturer/Associate (for OTC)
    ESPB 6.0 Status elective
    Condition none, desirable prerequisites are passed exams in Fundamentals of Physical Electronics and Optoelectronics
    The goal 1) Getting the knowledge related to LEDs, including their physics, types, structures, technologies, development directions and perspectives. Getting to know the types, structures and working principles of LED displays. 2) Introducing students to special types of lasers, solar cells and photodetectors, their working principles, types, development and applications.
    The outcome Students are expected to acquire detail knowledge related to physical and electrical properties and working principals of LEDs as well as to perceive the wide field of their applications with special accent on LED and OLED technology. Get the knowledge related to electrical and physical properties and working principals of special types of lasers, photodetectors, image detectors and solar cells.
    Contents of lectures Special types of lasers. Structure, physics, optical and electrical properties and applications lasers. LED. Physics of LED diodes, LED structure, electrical and physical properties. LED types, materials, technologies. Organic LED technology. LED applications. LED displays. Special types of photodetectors. Image detectors. New generation solar cells. Solar modules and panels.
    Contents of exercises computational tasks, examples of optoelectronic devices
    1. Pallab Bhattacharya, Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices, Prentice Hall, New Jersey, USA, 1997. (Original title)
    2. S.L. Chuang, Physics of Optoelectronic Devices, Wiley, New Yersey, USA, 2009. (Original title)
    Number of hours per week during the semester/trimester/year
    Lectures Exercises OTC Study and Research Other classes
    3 2
    Methods of teaching Lectures, practices, homework tasks, exam.
    Knowledge score (maximum points 100)
    Pre obligations Points Final exam Points
    Activites during lectures Test paper 70
    Practical lessons Oral examination
    Projects 30