OF3RJ6 - Russian Language 6

Course specification
Course title Russian Language 6
Acronym OF3RJ6
Study programme Electrical Engineering and Computing
Module Physical Electronics
Type of study bachelor academic studies
Lecturer (for classes)
    Lecturer/Associate (for practice)
      Lecturer/Associate (for OTC)
        ESPB 3.0 Status elective
        The goal Expanding of the vocabulary, intense activation and development of oral communication habits in the foreign language in the form of dialogues, monologues, free discussions.
        The outcome Achieving and maintaining the desired level of communication in situations of daily life or business contacts.
        Contents of lectures Phraseology and communication models were selected on the basic of original material, are grouped into four thematic sections with necessary lexical comments and syntactic structures selected.
        Contents of exercises
        1. M.Slavić, IDEMO NA SLUŽBENI PUT, udžbenik za poslovnu komunikaciju na ruskom jeziku,>studiranje>elektronski udžbenici (Original title)
        2. SPRAVOČNIK-PRAKTIKUM kulьtura ustnoй i pisьmennoй reči delovogo čeloveka, Flinta, Nauka, M. 2002 (Original title)
        Number of hours per week during the semester/trimester/year
        Lectures Exercises OTC Study and Research Other classes
        Methods of teaching Lectures, exercises, discussions and presentations in a foreign language.
        Knowledge score (maximum points 100)
        Pre obligations Points Final exam Points
        Activites during lectures 20 Test paper 20
        Practical lessons 20 Oral examination 20
        Projects 0
        Colloquia 20
        Seminars 0