13M061FP - Plasma Physics

Course specification
Course title Plasma Physics
Acronym 13M061FP
Study programme Electrical Engineering and Computing
Module Nanoelectronics and Photonics
Type of study master academic studies
Lecturer (for classes)
Lecturer/Associate (for practice)
Lecturer/Associate (for OTC)
    ESPB 6.0 Status elective
    Condition Passed exam: Electromagnetics or Physical electronics of gasses and plasma
    The goal Extension of the course of Physical electronics of gasses and plasma. Introduce students with complex nonlinear processes in plasma. Give students the knowledge of different applications of plasma in theory and practice.
    The outcome Mastering the knowledge of numerical simulation of complex phenomena in plasma. Acquisition of different skills for plasma generation and maintenance. Capability to work with high voltages and pulses in laboratory. Mastering the skills for generating and maintenance of high vacuum.
    Contents of lectures Waves in plasma, diffusion and plasma resistivity. Kinetic theory of plasma, BGK and Van Kampel modes. Landau damping. Sheets in plasma. Ion-acoustic shock waves. Nonlinear Landau damping. Controlled damping, plasmons in solid state.
    Contents of exercises Experimental and study research work in laboratory at ETF, Belgrade. Experimental and study research work in labs in Institute of Physics, Zemun. Study research work in lab at PMF Belgrade.
    1. Bittencourt "Plasma Physics"
    2. F. Chen "Introduction to plasma physics and controlled fusion"
    3. S.Pesic "Waves in plasma"
    4. Swanson D.G. "Waves Plasma"
    Number of hours per week during the semester/trimester/year
    Lectures Exercises OTC Study and Research Other classes
    3 1
    Methods of teaching Lectures, exercises, project connected with numerical simulations in plasma, practical work to manufacture the scientific equipment.
    Knowledge score (maximum points 100)
    Pre obligations Points Final exam Points
    Activites during lectures 0 Test paper 30
    Practical lessons 10 Oral examination 0
    Colloquia 20
    Seminars 40