13M011EVO - Electrical Vehicles

Course specification
Course title Electrical Vehicles
Acronym 13M011EVO
Study programme Electrical Engineering and Computing
Module Energy Efficiency
Type of study master academic studies
Lecturer (for classes)
Lecturer/Associate (for practice)
Lecturer/Associate (for OTC)
ESPB 6.0 Status elective
The goal
The outcome
Contents of lectures
Contents of exercises
  1. S. N .Vukosavić, Skripta iz Električne vuče, 1999 (Original title)
  2. S.N. Vukosavić “Zbirka zadataka iz električne vuče” (Original title)
  3. S.N. Vukosavic, Digital Control of Electrical Drives, Springer 2007. (Original title)
  4. Slobodan N. Vukosavic, Electrical Machines, Springer 2012 (Original title)
Number of hours per week during the semester/trimester/year
Lectures Exercises OTC Study and Research Other classes
2.5 1 0.5
Methods of teaching
Knowledge score (maximum points 100)
Pre obligations Points Final exam Points
Activites during lectures 0 Test paper 20
Practical lessons 20 Oral examination 20
Colloquia 30
Seminars 10