Human-machine interaction and automotive ICT studies at University of Ljubljana

Time January 30, 2018 12
Lecturer Jaka Sodnik
Location Učionica 61, Elektrotehnički fakultet u Beogradu


This talk will summarise research activities in the field of human-machine interaction related to driving and automotive environment. It will focus on different types of interfaces for driver-vehicle interaction and methods for evaluating UX of these interfaces as well as their impact on safety and driving performance. The talk will touch also the field of autonomous driving and the major problems related to the introduction of fully autonomous vehicles to the real world.

About speaker:

Jaka Sodnik is an Associate Professor for the field of Electrical Engineering, at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. As a member of the ICT department and the Laboratory for Information Technologies, he is an active researcher and supervisor in the fields of human-machine interaction and driver-vehicle interaction. 

He also advises and supervises the R&D department of NervTeh d.o.o., a company that develops state-of-the-art motion driving simulators and offers services for driver evaluation and profiling by monitoring drivers’ performance and psychophysical state.