13S113IS1 - Information Systems 1

Course specification
Course title Information Systems 1
Acronym 13S113IS1
Study programme Software Engineering
Type of study bachelor academic studies
Lecturer (for classes)
Lecturer/Associate (for practice)
Lecturer/Associate (for OTC)
ESPB 6.0 Status mandatory
The goal An understanding of the significance and characteristics of information systems. An introduction to traditional information systems development. An introduction to object-oriented information systems development.
The outcome Knowledge on traditional information systems development.. Knowledge on object-oriented information systems development.
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Contents of lectures INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION SYSTEMS (IS): The significance, classification and structure of IS. TRADITIONAL IS DEVELOPMENT: Logical IS development. Physical IS development. OBJECT-ORIENTED IS DEVELOPMENT: General and detailed use cases. Environment - IS interaction. Using UML diagrams for modelling of IS data. Using UML diagrams for modelling of IS functionality. Object-relational mapping.
Contents of exercises Logical IS data design. Logical IS functionality design. Object-oriented IS logical design Development of J2EE applications. Usage of JMS. Usage of JPA and JPQL.
  1. Unified Modeling Language (UML) For The IT Business Analyst, Melissa Attaway, 2023 (Original title)
  2. Database Systems: A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation, and Management, 6th edition, T.Connoly, C.Begg, Pearson, 2014 (Original title)
  3. Information System Development, 4th edition, D.Avison, G.Fitzgerald, McGraw-Hill, 2006 (Original title)
Number of hours per week during the semester/trimester/year
Lectures Exercises OTC Study and Research Other classes
2 2 1
Methods of teaching Lectures. Exercises. Laboratory exercises. Homework.
Knowledge score (maximum points 100)
Pre obligations Points Final exam Points
Activites during lectures 0 Test paper 30
Practical lessons 20 Oral examination 0
Projects 20
Colloquia 30
Seminars 0