Nuclear, Medical, and Ecological Engineering

Module Chair: Professor Predrag Marinkovic

Students of this module must earn at least 90 ECTS credits by taking courses taught by full-time teachers of the School of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade University. They are allowed to take maximum three courses taught by teaching associates or external lecturers.

Code Core Subjects - Group A Number of Lessons + Self-Study ECTS Credits
13D061OPNF Selected Topics in Nuclear Physics 3+3 9
13D061TNR Nuclear Reactor Theory 3+3 9
13D061NMAN Numerical Methods for Nuclear Reactor Analysis 3+3 9
13D061NSRN Numerical Simulation of Radiation and Nuclear Processes 3+3 9
13D061NMTP Nuclear Methods in Technological Processes 3+3 9
13D061DZZO Dosimetry, Radiation Protection and Nuclear Waste 3+3 9
13D061MJNZ Ionizing and Nonionizing Radiation Measurement 3+3 9
13D061MNME Measuring Methods in Nuclear, Medical and Ecological Techniques 3+3 9
13D061REKE Radiation and Electromagnetic Compatibility of Electrical Components and Devices 3+3 9
13D061BMNM Biophysical Methods in Nanomedicine 3+3 9
13D061OTBM Optical Trapping and Biomedical Nano-Manipulation 3+3 9
13D061FTKB Physics, Engineering, and Characterization of Biomaterials 3+3 9
13D061KIB Quantum Informatics of Biomolecules 3+3 9
13D061BSP Biomedical Sensors 3+3 9
13D061OIEO Renewables and Environment 1) 3+3 9
13D061KFFP Complex Phenomena in Plasma Physics 3+3 9
13D061IZNE Low-Frequency Radiation Sources and Protection 1) 3+3 9

1) The subject was not offered in 2015/16.