Nanoelectronics and Photonics

Module Chair: Professor Jelena Radovanović

Students of this module must earn at least 90 ECTS credits by taking courses taught by full-time teachers of the School of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade University. They are allowed to take maximum three courses taught by teaching associates or external lecturers.

Code Core Subjects - Group A Number of Lessons + Self-Study ECTS Credits
13D061PIK Integrated Circuit Design 3+3 9
13D061MN Modeling of Nanostructures 3+3 9
13D061TPNF Transport Processes in Nanoelectronics and Photonics 3+3 9
13D061OOPH Optical Properties of Semiconductor Heterostructures 3+3 9
13D061FK Photonic Communications 3+3 9
13D061MFKS Modern Photonic Components and Systems 3+3 9
13D061FKOM Photonic Crystals and Optical Metamaterials 3+3 9
13D061SCM Solid State Spectroscopy 3+3 9
13D061KO Quantum Optics 3+3 9
13D061MPL Modeling of Semiconductor Lasers 3+3 9
13D061OMM Optoelectronic Measuring Methods 3+3 9
13D061POTS Propagation of Optical Waves in Complex Media 3+3 9
13D061MHMN Modeling of Heterostructural Microelectronic Devices 3+3 9
13D061OINP Optimization and Engineering of Nanostructural Parameters 3+3 9
13D061EOKM Electrical and Optical Properties of Materials in Nanoelectronics and Photonics 3+3 9
13D061SMNN Scanning Probe Microscopy in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 3+3 9
13D061PPST Applications of Plasmas in Modern Technologies Electronics and Materials Science 3+3 9
13D061UND Fundamentals of Non-Linear Dynamics 3+3 9
13D061FO Fourier Optics 3+3 9
13D061NO Nonlinear Optics 3+3 9
13D061ITTZ Innovation, Transfer of Technology, and Protection of Intellectual Property 1) 3+3 6

1) Since 2013/14 this subject has been offered within the group of general education subjects.