School Overview


The School of Electrical Engineering, which belongs to Belgrade University, is the oldest institution of its kind in Serbia. More on its foundation and development you can read here: About the School.


Meet the management of the School of Electrical Engineering and read their statements.

School Council

The governing body of the School of Electrical Engineering is the Council composed of teaching and non-teaching staff, student representatives and representatives of Serbia's Government, who founded the institution.

Academic Council

Scientific and pedagogical work is steered by the Academic Council composed of professors and teaching assistants.


The School is organized into departments. Find out which departments there are, which areas they cover and who are their staff.


Publications by our faculty include monographs, textbooks, handbooks, papers in scientific journals, papers presented at conferences.


Read about the the EU projects in which the School of Electrical Engineering is taking part.

Location and Premises

The school is boasts one of the most beautiful buildings in central Belgrade. It shares this building with other engineering schools of Belgrade University, but there are also a number of other buildings with labs, classrooms and offices which belong to the school.


As all other schools funded by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the School has very limited financial resources all financial donations are more than welcome. If you wish to donate or see which donations the School has received in the past, please check the pages about donations and sponsors.

Alumni and Friends

The School of Electrical Engineering was among the first ones who established an alumni organization which gathers former students and individuals who want to help and support the School. Its name is BAFA (Belgrade Alumni and Friends Association), and it has chapers world wide. On the alumni website you can find former students, check their current position, and contact them.


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