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Office of Administrative Affairs

slika opšteg odseka

This office deals with administrative affairs, respectively:

  1. Giving certificates (employment, promotion, wages, leave of absence, retirement etc.)
  2. Handling contracts (additional work, work status, termination of employment etc.)
  3. Archive work
  4. Messenger work
  5. And all other paperwork


  • Biljana Velkić-Rakijaš, head of the Office of administrative affairs
  • Danka Despotović, personal assistant of Dean's office
  • Ankica Miladinović, secretary to the Vice Deans
  • Zorica Marković-Jeftenić, secretary to the Academic Council
  • Saša Kostić, work related affairs clerk
  • Branka Vilotić, referent
  • Ljiljana Filipović, archive clerk
  • Slavica Stojković, delivery assistant
  • Snežana Živković, delivery assistant
  • Zoran Ćendić, photocopy assistant
  • Steva Trajković, photocopy assistant


contact person
Saša Kositić
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