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Google na ETF-u

Jelena Antić i Ivan Gavrilović, soft. inženjeri (bivši studenti ETF-a)
ponedeljak, 30.10.2017. god. u 12:00 časova
učionica 313

Apstrakt predavanja:

Interested in learning more about Google? Come hear it from a Googler!

On Monday, October 30th Google will be hosting a tech talk Cluster Management at Google on campus for you to learn more about Google and the opportunities we offer to students. We hope to meet you there.

Learn about cluster management at Google, our culture, products, projects, hiring process, job and/ internship opportunities, and more! - directly from a Googler!


Register for the event HERE! Make sure your resume and LinkedIn profiles are up to date (feel free to link both in the form above) and of course come with lots of good questions!

Hope to see you there!