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Magic of Big Data Analytics

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Magic of Big Data Analytics
Profesor Bela Stantic, Head of School of Information and Communication Technology at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia
Среда, 31.05.2017. у 14:00 часова
Сала 61, Електротехнички факултет


Big Data explosion is now a reality and not just a buzz word and it is hard to identify any area of research or practice, which is not faced with the issues Big Data are associated with, or the benefits that can be gained from it. We witness more and more different sources of data, which contain valuable information that could be relevant for many different domains and businesses. By analysing this data, for example, we can run our business smarter, predict unusual behaviour or simple discover interesting patterns in our data we were not aware of. This talk will explain the Big Data approach and benefits it provides. It will also elaborate on several projects currently running within the Big Data Lab and provide vision how Big Data analytics can give edge over competitors.


Professor Bela Stantic is internationally recognised in field of efficient management and analytics of complex data, such as found in Big Data, spatio-temporal, and high dimensional data. He was invited to give many Keynotes and invited talks at highly ranked International conferences and prestigious institutions. He successfully applied his research interdisciplinary and he has published more than 100 journal and conference publications, which in turn helped to attract external funding. He was involved in supervision of more than 20 PhD students. He is a founder and Director of “Big Data and Smart Analytics” Lab within the Institute of Integrated and Intelligent Systems at Griffith University. Professor Stantic is also Head of School of Information and Communication Technology at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.