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Improve the future

Comtrade is a global business specializing in IT solutions and system integration. As a provider of innovative software solutions that are transforming industries, Comtrade has established itself as a leader in its field. Our products and services have a far-reaching impact – helping thousands of companies accelerate innovation and grow their businesses.

Why Comtrade?

Global reach - 18 offices spanning 12 countries and three continents

Powerful technology – Long-term partnerships with over 30 leading global technology companies

Innovative software development – Scrum, Kanban, Swarming, Extreme programming, Test driven development

Recognition - We provide IT solutions, managed services and consulting to some of the largest businesses across the world

A career booster - Intensive development and mentorship programs, culturally diverse work environment, world-renowned products and customers, and countless opportunities for professional growth

State-of-the-art facilities - Seven technology development centers


Shaping your future at Comtrade

We are looking for bright and talented graduates and young professionals who want to make great things happen. Comtrade is an ideal place to start your career if you’d like to:

  • Work alongside experienced IT experts and receive professional guidance
  • Gain practical skills to boost your career prospects
  • Use the latest IT technologies
  • Take part in exciting international projects
  • Develop products and solutions that are revolutionizing business
  • Meet new people and build a strong professional network

What we offer?

  • Internship program – Our practical learning program opens up valuable opportunities for career development and work in corporate environment.


- A two-month practical learning program for the best candidates

- Preplanned mentorship program with individual mentors assigned to each student

- Full time training: 8 hours per day, 5 days a week

- Work on interesting real-world projects and use the latest technologies

- A chance for employment at Comtrade


  • EDIT (Education for Innovative Thinkers), is a free summer school of programing taking place in 7 cities in Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ireland.  Through practical projects, EDIT gives future IT professionals a chance to learn about new technologies and build solutions for real-world problems. Up to 30% of the top students who complete our EDIT summer school are recruited for full-time employment at Comtrade.


If you like meeting challenges and pursuing meaningful goals, we’d like to hear from you. As soon as possible. We’re good; come, make us better.