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Faculty Overview

ETF throughout history

University of Belgrade's School Of Electrical Engineering is the oldest institution of its kind in Serbia. How the ETF was established and how it developed can be found on the history page.

Who are the forepersons of the School?

Meet ETF's dean and vice-deans and find out what their missions and goals are.

Council of the School: the governing body of ETF

The top governing body of the ETF is it's Council of the School which consists of faculty, staff and student representatives, as well as the representatives of the School's founder, the Serbian Government.

Academic Council

All research and academic activities are governed by School's Academic Council. This council constitutes of all the members of the faculty.

Where the School is located?

Unfortunately, the School of Electrical Engineering still does not have its own building and is located at the Technical Schools Building. This building is located at the Belgrade city centre. On these pages you can find about other buildings that ETF uses as well.

Donations: giving to SEE

As all government owned academic institutions in Serbia, ETF is in desperate need of additional funding in order to maintain it high academic and research standards. If you have the will to help, visit the "giving to SEE" pages to find out how you can contribute, and to see how others did.

Alumni & friends

ETF's Belgrade Alumni and Friends Association is one of the first alumni associations in Serbia and it has sections all over the world. Here you can find about former ETF graduates, where are they now, what are they doing and how you can contact them.