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Research Cooperation and Student Exchange Opportunities with SUPELEC, France

Prof. Hikmet Sari,SUPELEC
среда, 6.03.2013. у 14 часова,
сала 61 Електротехничког факултета


SUPELEC is one of the top engineering schools in France with a highly competitive entrance exam, which specializes in the general field of electrical, electronics and computer engineering including telecommunications, electromagnetics, microwaves, electronic devices, control systems, and energy systems. The school has research cooperation and student exchange programs with leading universities and academic institutions worldwide. In this talk, we first present the dual system in the French Higher Education, with the Engineering Schools called Grandes Ecoles on one side and the Universities on the other. Then, we present SUPELEC, describing its environment, engineering curriculum, master programs, other education programs, and the topics of research carried out in its various departments and groups. Then, the second part of the presentation will present the master program “Advanced wireless communications systems”, in which the teaching language is English in order to break the language barrier and allow foreign students to attend this program without going through French courses. The talk will highlight the opportunities for research cooperation and student exchanges, with a particular emphasis for students interested in the master program “Advanced wireless communications systems”.

Speaker’s Biography:

Hikmet Sari is a Professor and Head of the Telecommunications Department at SUPELEC, France, and Chief Scientist of Sequans Communications. Previously, he held research and management positions at Philips, SAT, Alcatel, Pacific Broadband Communications, and Juniper Networks. He received his Engineering Diploma and Ph.D. from the ENST, Paris, France, and the Habilitation degree from the University of Paris-Sud, Orsay. Dr. Sari has served as an Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Communications, Guest Editor of the European Transactions on Telecommunications, Guest Editor of IEEE JSAC, Associate Editor of the IEEE Communications Letters, Chair of the Communication Theory Symposium of ICC 2002, Technical Program Chair of ICC 2004, Vice General Chair of ICC 2006, General Chair of PIMRC 2010, General Chair of WCNC 2012, Chair of the GITC in 2010 – 2011, Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE Communications Society (2001 - 2006), Member of the IEEE Fellow Evaluation Committee (2002 - 2007), and Member of the Awards Committee (2005 – 2007) of this society. His distinctions include the IEEE Fellow Grade and the Andre Blondel Medal in 1995, the Edwin H. Armstrong Award in 2003, the Harold Sobol Award in 2012, and election to the European Academy and to the Science Academy of Turkey in 2012.